Parallax 48″x60″


Parallax means that you can observe the same thing multiple ways and get different results.  This painting looks different vertically versus horizontally – both ways are really interesting.  I really like the marks I made in the brown bark.

Chasm 60″x 72″


What is between the material and spiritual worlds?  A chasm maybe?  The left side of this painting has marks that are somewhat recognizable while the right is all about color and form.  In fact the colors on the right could represent wood, fire, water, air.  I find more interest in the spiritual then the material – how about you?

D’s Journey 36″x 48″


Ever taken Ayahausca?  A friend of mine did and she went to a deep place and didn’t want to return.  I painted this, thinking of her and frankly worried about her health.  She is fine, but won’t explore this type of plant medicine again.  What a journey.