Show Stopper 48″x60″


Show stopper is named for the type of red paint I used in this painting.  So many choices for red paint.  Kandinsky made the point that red is a very important color in paintings since we associate things like blood and fire to the color red.

Platypus 48″x60″


So many of my paintings seem to produce images that we associate with nature or in this case animals.  I’ve had people tell me they see rabbits, frogs and other creatures in my work.  In this case, I see a Platypus.  Do you see it?

Parallax 48″x60″


Parallax means that you can observe the same thing multiple ways and get different results.  This painting looks different vertically versus horizontally – both ways are really interesting.  I really like the marks I made in the brown bark.

Chasm 60″x 72″


What is between the material and spiritual worlds?  A chasm maybe?  The left side of this painting has marks that are somewhat recognizable while the right is all about color and form.  In fact the colors on the right could represent wood, fire, water, air.  I find more interest in the spiritual then the material – how about you?