I am compelled to create.  It has been that way since early childhood.  I used my creativity in business to build companies and technology systems.  When I moved to Kauai and escaped the corporate noise and trappings of doing things because I was supposed to, I slowed down and became more aware of my surroundings, my blessings, and true identity.

I believe I am a conduit for the divine to shine.  I paint as a way to co-create with my creator.  The more I let go and let the process unfold, the better the result.  The abstract nature of my paintings have references to nature, to spirit, and to joyful expressions.

There is no better way to spend my time then to try and bring beauty into our world.  I am grateful to have the time and resources to create, and I am grateful to all those that support my process.

I believe as Schuman said, “To send light into the darkness of man’s hearts – such is the duty of an artist.” 



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