I’ve been creating since I can remember.  I used my creativity in business to build companies and technology systems – now I use my creativity to make pictures.  While the crossover from engineer and corporate citizen to artist seems unusual – for me it was a natural evolution.

I realized that our life path can be anything we envision.  It doesn’t have to be something set or prescribed by society.  When I started farming and looking at nature while in Kauai, I opened a new set of possibilities.  Painting, meditation and my health became my priorities.

I observe nature and look to paint what I see while letting the creation flow throughout the process.  The more I let go and let the process unfold, the better the result.  The abstract nature of my paintings have references to nature, to God, and to joyful expressions.

I use colors to create depth.  I intentionally place the juxtaposition of cool colors adjacent to warm colors.  I mark lines against organic shapes and provide texture and shading to create contrasts.  And in all pictures, harmony and balance are essential.  The work isn’t finished until I feel the message is conveyed in a meaningful way.

There is no better way to spend my time then to try and bring beauty into our world.  I am grateful to God to have the time and resources to create, and I am grateful to all those that support my process.

I believe as Schuman said, “To send light into the darkness of man’s hearts – such is the duty of an artist.”