Third Time Is a Charm!

I’ve had the opportunity to create three different paintings using a single reference of Rainbow Eucalyptus tree bark. The first version was completed early in 2015 when I started the PaintedBark series. I believe I was simultaneously painting 5 others at the time in advance of my first solo show. Whew! The second version was an exploration into simple marks and shapes. I was studying De Kooning and how in his later years he simply uses basic colors and marks to make impressions. I believe that painting was done in 2018. The third version was recently completed this month in 2023 and represents my latest technical and compositional processes. Do you see the original bark aspects in these paintings? Let me know which version best resonates with you. They say good things come in 3’s!

Original Bark Image – Kauai Rainbow Eucalyptus TreeBark
Version 1 “Show Stopper” 48×60 In
Version 2 – “Inspire” 48×60 in
Version 3 – “Gateway” 48x60in

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